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Sharing nature's wisdom

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Sharing nature's wisdom

 Harvest Time 

Sharing nature's wisdom

The Farm

Light Footsteps is a fledgling herb farm and learning center rooted within the permaculture framework.  We are located in Chardon, Ohio.Light Footsteps Farm was founded in 2014 and is growing to be a model…

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Upcoming Markets & Classes

Find our Botanical Wellness Products at these upcoming markets and view our schedule of upcoming classes and workshops. Click the links below to learn more.

Farm Markets & Vending/Shows

Workshops, Plant Walks, & Events


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Search our selection of handcrafted botanical wellness products. Let Mother Earth care for you with our natural herbal wellness products

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Learn more about happenings on the farm, how-to tips, and DIY advice for living in harmony with nature.


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Fresh botanical wellness inspired by nature

Spring Wellness Box $36.00

Check out this season’s Wellness Box.  Learn more about herbs and natural health while taking care of yourself and your family with freshly made botanicals.

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Elderberry Syrup Mix $7.00

Making your own elderberry syrup has never been easier! This kit contains the perfect amount for one batch of elderberry syrup (approximately 2 cups). Just add water and honey! 

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Energy Clearing Smudge Spray $8.00

Burning sage and other herbs is an excellent way to clear the energy in your home, workspace, or ritual area, but some people are sensitive to smoke and sometimes it’s just easier to spritz the energetic essence of sacred plants instead.

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Meet Christine

Inspired by Nature

Christine M. Cassella, M.S. is a mother, biologist, community herbalist, and a pioneer in Earth-based spirituality for women. She is passionate about sharing herbal wisdom and encouraging women to explore the relationship between their rhythms and those of the Earth to create vibrant, purposeful lives.  Christine has studied with Wise Women such as Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, and Rosalee de la Foret in addition to her traditional studies in Psychology and Biology.  She has also earned a Permaculture Design Certificate and has taken courses within the Sacred Pregnancy movement.

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Seasonal Wellness Boxes Support You Through The Year

Our Seasonal Wellness Boxes are designed for women who are ready to learn more about botanical remedies, crave delicious self-care, and only want natural, safe products for themselves and their families.  Our wellness boxes are designed to connect you to the rhythms of nature four times each year.  Each season we choose five seasonally-appropriate products to support your mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Boxes can be purchased each season or as a yearly subscription.  Take care of yourself with the best that Mother Earth has to offer!


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