We understand that herbalism is about much more than using plants in the same way we use pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbalism is a lifestyle where one listens to the Earth and learns to hear messages about preventative healthcare and healing.  We do this by grounding our rhythms in nature. We understand food as medicine and use plants as our allies in health.

From this place of conscious awareness, we are able to benefit from plants to help heal physical and psychological imbalances.

At Light Footsteps

There are many ways that people practice herbs.  We consider ourselves Community Herbalists.  Learn more about what a community herbalist offers.

We grow herbs using organic gardening methods and within a permaculture framework.  Learn more about our farm here.

We host and teach classes on our property and in our community.  See our schedule of events. 

You can find our handcrafted botanical wellness products, as well as a curated collection of other regional herbalists, in our online shop.  There are also several stores that carry Light Footsteps products.