Midwifery Services

Light Footsteps is happy to announce partnership with Staci Dasher, CPM.  We are sharing space and working together to expand our home birth services in the Northeast Ohio region.

Staci Dasher is a Certified Professional Midwife specializing in Home Birth Midwifery and has practiced midwifery for 11 years. She has delivered or assisted in the delivery of over 100 babies and been at the side of countless women throughout their pregnancy season. Her journey started at New Life Birthing Center, a high volume birthing clinic in Davao, Philippines.  While working in the clienic she started her certification and studies through the National College of Midwifery.  After having her first home birth experience in country her new family left the Philippines and returned to Oregon.  During her time in the Pacific Northwest, she was honored to work with Margi Houck and Carla Viles; two of Eugene’s most respected midwives and both were at the deliveries of her next two children. While in Oregon she also partook in a clinical apprenticeship under Carol Seiver.

In 2010 Staci and her family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where she continued her certification and studies while working with Carolyn Drake in her birthing home.  In 2011 she was blessed to work with the well respected NR and CPM Kathy Davies while living in Asheville, North Carolina. Kathy was instrumental in the completion of her education and she took on many births as the primary.  Staci was also honored with the opportunity to work with Dr. David Hayes, an OB/GYN supportive of the home birth environment and servant to the industry.

Now a Certified Professional Midwife, Staci has started her own practice and partnered with experienced midwives in the Cleveland, Ohio. She continues her education through the National College continuing education program and is passionate about empowering women.  Her greatest hope is to stand beside women and help them embrace the strengths they possess and overcome their fears. She has also spent the last 10 years developing a passion for the power of food, herbs and other natural elements.  She hopes to share what she has learned with those who come our way!

Staci was born and raised in Bay Village, Ohio but spent most of her adult life out west living in Cresta Butte, Colorado and Eugene, Oregon before meeting her husband of 13 years, Shane Dasher. She was a stylist in an Aveda salon for 6 years and adventure junky in her spare time.  She is the homeschooling mother of 4: Analyse(12), Adaniah(11), Lukah(8) and Cecily(6).  She is passionate about sustainable farming, local organic ethically raise food as well as a good IPA or bourbon.

Christine Cassella, founder of Light Footsteps, is continuing to seek doula clients for home and hospital births while also serving as a Midwife’s Assistant and Apprenticing Midwife.  Christine attends births as an assistant/apprentice for both Staci Dasher and Colleen Kennedy-Schroeder (The Village). She is pursuing the Certified Professional Midwife credential.  Learn more about Christine here.